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7 Types of Cases Represented By Business Litigation Attorneys

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A core area of focus at our law offices is with business litigation law, which we offer to clients throughout California. Whether you own a small business or large corporation, lawsuits will invariably be filed against your business for any number of reasons, from a breach of contract to a dispute that a shareholder has with your company. In most cases, you will need lawyers by your side who understand business litigation law and know what it takes to obtain a good result for you and your company. To understand whether or not you require a business litigation attorney, you should be aware of the types of law that business litigation is comprised of.

Types of Cases Represented By Business Litigation Attorneys
  When your company is facing litigation, you're likely wondering about how the litigation will affect your overall profit margins as well as your stability. If you want to mitigate the damage caused by this litigation, it's essential that you contact a business litigation attorney quickly so as to expedite the process. There are several types of cases that can be represented by a business litigation attorney, which extend from real estate litigation to intellectual property conflicts. 
  Real Estate Litigation

This is a type of litigation that you could be presented with in the event that your business has invested into real estate or commercial renting solutions. Our attorneys will be able to assist you in identifying your rights while also helping you obtain an outcome that's favorable for you. Without an attorney by your side, the investments that you have made in real estate could be at stake.

Breach of Contract

Claims that cite a breach of contract are among the most common forms of business litigation law. Whether the contract is with a supplier, client, or some other business, a contract dispute can be costly if you don't make the right arguments and cover all of your bases, which is something that a business litigation lawyer will be able to assist you with.

If left untended to, breaches of contract can lead to the damage of your reputation as well the relationships that your business has with clients, which is why a case like this should be handled as efficiently as possible. Attorneys who provide representation for breach of contract cases are able to offer their services for companies that are being accused of breaching the contract as well as for businesses that believe another entity has breached a contract.

Shareholder or Partnership Disputes

The conflict that has caused you to be presented with a lawsuit could occur within your own business due to a dispute with a partner or shareholder. These conflicts could involve everything from allegations of not managing the company properly to breaches of fiduciary duty. Contact a business litigation attorney if you believe that your case falls under this type of law.

Conflicts With Intellectual Property

Another common type of business law claim involves conflicts with intellectual property whether the intellectual property involves patents, trademarks, or copyrights. If you believe that another business or person has used your intellectual property when you have not provided them with permission to do so, you may have a case. A court order in this matter may be able to prevent this entity from continuing to use your intellectual property while also allowing you to seek any damages that you believe are owed.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Options
  While many cases involving business litigation are brought forth into a courtroom, there are a variety of alternative dispute resolution options that may be open to you, which include mediation and arbitration. 

Many federal district courts that operate in California believe that mediation is a beneficial method of reaching a resolution in regards to any kind of dispute. It's important to understand, however, that mediation is a non-binding option. A mediator is a third party who will act on the behalf of both parties in order to attempt to seek a straightforward resolution. If you believe that mediation is right for your case, you will still need an attorney by your side to make sure that the deal is fair to you and your business. If mediation fails, it's still possible to go to court.


This is a type of trial that does not formally include a judge or jury. A neutral arbitrator will conduct a hearing or both parties involved in the arbitration could choose to have their case listened to by a panel of arbitrators. You can call witnesses and provide the arbitrators with evidence during an arbitration. When making use of an arbitration, the arbitrator will provide both parties with a written ruling that is completely binding.

If you have been presented with a lawsuit, call us today to schedule a consultation so that we can help you decide what your next course of action is.