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    business litigation

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    Attorney At Law

    Business litigation is not just about successful representation, it is about representation that meets an individual business’ goals and budget while also minimizing disruption to the business. Successful representation is about knowing when a case needs to be litigated and won, and when a case needs to be settled for financial or sensitive reasons. As such, it is imperative that a business has an attorney that reflects the individual business’ interest in a specific case.
    Contract Disputes

    The majority of commercial and business litigation involves non-performance of contract terms and conditions. Every type of business relies on contracts to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of the parties. When those terms and conditions are violated, Cuttone & Associates will position your business to hold the other party responsible or assert affirmative defenses to eliminate or reduce the client’s liability.
    Regulatory Compliance

    There is no question that California is a highly legislated and regulated state. Navigating the maze of laws and regulations to operate within the law and remain regulatorily compliant can be a challenge for any business. If a state or federal agency has brought a claim against you for non-compliance, Cuttone & Associates can defend you in the investigation and disciplinary actions.
    Shareholder/Ownership Disputes

    When owners in a business are unable to resolve disputes amicably, effective legal representation is necessary to enforce operating agreements, shareholder agreements, bylaws, and partnership agreements.


    Breaches of Fiduciary Duties

    It is an unfortunate reality that not all owners or partners conduct themselves professionally or ethically in relation to their fellow owners. The same can be said about managers and trustees. As a result, Cuttone & Associates has found itself representing numerous businesses, trusts, partnerships and other entities and individuals against people who have stolen money, assets, trade secrets, and clients from those they were supposed to be working in the best interest of.