Protecting Real Estate Professionals

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    High-quality legal services to real estate professionals.

    We Handle Legal Complexities

    Real estate professionals have specific business and legal needs that can only be understood by attorneys who know and understand what it takes to operate a real estate business. Cuttone & Associates is dedicated to offering high-quality legal services to real estate professionals in transactions and litigation. At Cuttone & Associates every attorney is a Realtor who has engaged in real estate transactions as a licensee. This gives Cuttone & Associates the ability to represent its real estate professional clients in a way that other law firms cannot match.


    Professional Negligence Claims

    Very few things are as hard for a real estate professional as being sued by their client when they provided nothing but the highest level of service. This feeling only compounds when the professional finds themselves represented by an attorney who knows nothing about how real estate transactions actually work outside of a book. Cuttone & Associates has the experience to not only represent its clients but often talk down other parties in a dispute by educating them without a lawsuit ever being filed.


    DRE Inspections, Audits, and Allegations

    Cuttone & Associates take its clients’ licenses, representations, and livelihoods very seriously and will defend them aggressively. Every licensee should have skilled representation when dealing with the DRE in its investigatory and disciplinary capacity. Having walked many brokers and agents through audits and disciplinary hearings/actions, Cuttone & Associates has the ability to help any licensee.


    FAR/NAR Disciplinary Actions / Hearings

    While rare, disciplinary/ethics complaints can be brought against a Realtor by the Association of Realtors. The local, state and national rules give every licensee the right to be represented by an attorney at any hearing and a licensee should invoke that right to ensure that proceeding is conducted fairly and impartially.


    Procuring Cause / Commission Disputes

    Real estate licensees work hard for their commission, so it is only fair that they get paid what was promised. Whether the licensee entered into a listing agreement, buyer representation agreement, referral fee agreement, or other arrangement, Cuttone & Associates can help recover what is owed and, if the contract allows, what was paid in attorney’s fees to recover it.