Preventing Real Estate Problems Before They Arise

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    Trusted Lawyers for Real Estate Transactions in San Joaquin Valley

    Ensure Successful Transactions

    One of the most important resources for parties to a real estate transaction is an experienced attorney who can ensure the purchase, sale, transfer, or lease is completed successfully, without costly delays. As real estate licensees who have participated in real estate transactions not only as attorneys but as Realtors, the attorneys at Cuttone & Associates have unique insight regarding real estate transactions and how to complete them without complications.
    Commercial Real Estate Transactions

    Because the nature of a tenant’s or landlord’s business have such an impact on the terms and conditions needed in a lease or other tenancy document, commercial landlords and tenants should avoid pre-printed contracts in order to ensure their interests are protected. A commercial lease carries large financial implications and risks, and the parties should treat it as such.


    Agricultural Transactions

    The purchase and lease of agricultural land requires an attorney with experience and expertise in agricultural transactions who can craft well and water sharing agreements, easements and licenses, coordinate environmental inspections and disclosures, and handle production financing documentation, amongst others.


    Construction and Development Contracts

    For builders, developers, contractors, and investors, the contracts for commercial and residential construction projects must meet the scope, timing, and expectations of all parties involved to prevent costly delays and disputes.


    Title Review and Title Insurance

    One of the most important legal aspects of commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions is the process of clearing title of any liens or outstanding encumbrances prior to transfer of ownership, and obtaining advice regarding insurance title, once marketable.


    Lending Documents

    Whether a transaction is being funded through commercial lending or seller financing, proper drafting of documents and loan structuring is important to minimize tax burdens and to maximize lender security.
    Residential Real Estate Transactions

    Cuttone & Associates is often called in as a “deal doctor” to save real estate transactions that have run into problems during the escrow process. Whether a transaction has encountered problems with title, probate, easements, or other issues, Cuttone & Associates has the expertise to get the transaction moving again.



    Nothing is as deceptively simple as a deed. Done correctly, a deed conveys an interest in real property from one party to another. Done improperly, a deed is a piece of paper that invites future expensive litigation. Having litigated numerous cases involving the validity of the deeds, Cuttone & Associates knows what it takes to prepare a deed properly.

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