Expert Handling Of Transactions

    business transactions

    The Attorneys at Cuttone & Associates Are Extremely Skilled Business Transactions Lawyers.

    Comprehensive Agreements

    Cuttone & Associates’ extensive experience in business litigation has shown that the best way to avoid lawsuits is to have written documents prepared that detail the rights and duties of all parties. Well prepared and legally binding transaction documents ensure that complex transactions are understood by both parties, that all parties are protected, and that a transaction will resolve with little to no conflict.


    Cuttone & Associates has the background in business, real estate, and construction to negotiate and draft business documents for any client transaction including:


    Business Entity Formation


    For a flat fee, Cuttone & Associates will form your corporation, LLC, partnership, or other business entity. The process starts with a one-on-one meeting with the incorporator/owners regarding their goals and unique vision for the business to determine which business entity is most appropriate. Once that is complete, Cuttone & Associates will draft formation documents, file all necessary documents with the secretary of state, and provide the new business with a corporate binder with all of the important documents. Cuttone & Associates will also prepare any agreements between shareholders, members, and partners, if necessary.


    Corporate Formalities and Compliance


    Once your business entity is formed, you will need to comply with regulations from the California Secretary of State and other federal, state, and local agencies. You will also need to observe corporate formalities by holding and appropriately documenting meetings and properly documenting any loans and/or asset transfer between the business and the owners. Cuttone & Associates is available to complete any necessary formality paperwork so that your business can continue to operate without interruption.


    Business Financing Agreements


    Both new and established businesses may have a need for outside financing for capital needs and expansion. Cuttone & Associates can help identify the types of financing available and then structure the financing in a way that allows your business to manage and grow its success.