Residential & Commercial Agreements

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    Our Attorneys Are Highly Experienced in Landlord and Tenant Law Matters.

    Negotiation & Lease Preparation

    Residential Lease Preparation

    Negotiating and preparing commercial and residential lease agreements in California requires a thorough understanding of the state’s landlord and tenant law. Having conducted its fair share of landlord and tenant litigation, Cuttone & Associates has the experience to prepare lease agreements to avoid legal problems and mitigate potential expenses for its clients.


    Commercial Lease Preparation / Landlord Representation

    Residential landlords in California face a wide array of local, state, and federal consumer and tenant protection laws. For this reason, it is important that a landlord has a good working relationship with an attorney that knows the complicated workings of these laws.


    Cuttone & Associates often finds itself representing landlords that are using an outdated/inadequate form lease that they have either acquired online, through a trade organization, or prepared themselves. Many landlords are surprised to find that there are many provisions in a lease that are invalid because the law prohibits a tenant from agreeing to something even if they have knowingly done so. You have invested significant time, effort, and financial resources into your property, make sure that someone has invested that same amount of care in the documents that you rely on to protect you and your investment.


    Unlawful Eviction / Retaliatory Eviction

    Regardless of what the landlord and tenant have agreed to, California law sets certain minimum standards that residential rental properties must meet, and a landlord cannot evict a tenant in retaliation for enforcing their rights under these laws.


    If you are being evicted, or facing an allegation that you are evicting for an unlawful reason, it is important that you engage a lawyer that that is familiar with this area of law. The penalties and fees are significant and can often outweigh the amount of rent due under the lease.